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Managed Business Web Hosting

What is it? If you Google “what is web Hosting” you get “The activity or business of providing storage space and access for websites“. Homepage Technologies want to go beyond that.

Of course a big part is providing access for websites, but there is more to it a lot more. And often gets over looked or not taken seriously… Ask yourself these questions; Where is my domain name? Where are my emails coming from? Is my website secure? How quick and reliable is my website? If my web developer were to change careers tomorrow what happens to my website and emails?

This is where we come in.

  • Domain Name: Your domain name is your online brand. And your online brand should be taken just as seriously as your offline brand – You. It says everything about who you are and what you do.  Whether you are looking to buy a new domain such as .com, .photogrpahy, .net or the old reliable .co.uk or you are looking for someone to manage that domain name, your data is safe and secure in our infrastructure.
  • Emails: We strongly believe that if you want to be taken seriously as a business you need to ditch your @hotmail, @yahoo or @btinternet email address. We offer unlimited emails for your business with set up on your phone / tablet / PC and laptop as part of the package. We also offer a web based email application so if you, for what ever reason, find yourself without a phone on the move you have quick access to your emails on a computer.
  • Online Security: Security is Homepage Technologies number one priority above anything else. We have invested heavily in our infrastructure and all of our managed business web hosting packages come with a Non eCommerce SSL certificate as standard. This means that people who are using your site automatically have a secure connection. Also, Google use HTTPS as a ranking signal so this can improve your rankings in Google.
  • Back Ups: Your website is backed up daily to our secure cloud based servers meaning that if you were to delete anything on your website by mistake we can restore your site to the previous back up as quick as you overwrote it. We follow industry best practice to protect customers data. All backups and passwords are encrypted and secure connections are used where needed. An annual vulnerability test is conducted by an independent agency.
  • Cloud CDN: Our CDN (Content Delivery Network) infrastructure consists of 19 points of presence, which redistribute your server content locally and cache files that don’t need to be updated regularly.  This basic principle will allow you to boost and optimise you websites. Using the CDN is essential if you want to reach users around the world, either for downloading files, or deploying websites and web applications.
  • Staging Servers: Every client who is on our Managed Business Web Hosting Package have access to our STAGING Server. We offer this because we understand that your website needs updating to stay relevant. But if it is a big change, you may want to try this on a site that is not accessible to the end user.  We have set our STAGE environment up to be similar to our production environment.

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